Mubo Internet Jukebox at The Original Cancun Cantina


You Pick The Songs!

Wednesdays & Saturdays from 6:30 pm till just before the dance lessons at 8 pm

Mubo Internet Jukebox

Download the FREE Mubo App on the Apple and Google Play App Stores and join the Cantina Jukebox!

You will get 3 votes every half hour, and the song with the most votes will play next! (Vote totals reset every 30 minutes.)

To see the full list of songs and dances available on Mubo at The Original Cancun Cantina:

If you are within 500 feet of the DJ Booth in the club, you can use the Mubo app to join Cancun Cantina’s Mubo Musicbox to see what’s available and vote!
(If you don’t see the Cantina’s Musicbox, try quitting and restarting the Mubo app.)